by Dr Chloroform

Part I Part II Chapter 3

Part I


Supergirl had discovered that Lex Luthor had set up shop at a well appointed house in the suburbs. She flew to the scene in hopes of capturing the arch villain. A quick check with her x-ray vision revealed that the walls were made of lead.

"Not a surprise," Supergirl said as she landed and walked in the front door, unaware of a costumed figure watching in the distance.

"Ah, Supergirl, what a pleasent surprise," Lex Luthor said, getting up from his seat and picking up a set of shackles and chains.

"It's all over, Lex," Supergirl said, determination on her face.

"Yes, My Dear," Lex Luthor said, as he grabbed her and began to shackle her wrists, "For you!"

"What the . . . My powers, their . . . their gone!" Supergirl said as she found herself helpless to prevent herself from being chained, "What have you done to me?"

"This house is charged with red solar radiation, you know, like the kind you had on Krypton," Lex Luthor explained as he picked up his bound guest and carried her into the bedroom, "Right now you're an ordinary girl. And all mine."

Part II


Supergirl had spent the better part of the day trying unsuccessfully to keep her costume from being removed. Lex Luthor would remove part of it, and take picture that he would post on the web. Ulimately she was left wearing only her cape and shackles.

"Well, I've had my fun," Lex Luthor said, tossing her costume to her, "Get dressed."

"Now what?" Supergirl asked as she put her costume on.

"Now it's time to finish you," Lex Luthor said as he dragged her into a room that glowed green with . . .

"Kryptonite! On, No! Please!" Supergirl pleaded as Lex Luthor shackled her with glowing green radioactive shackles.

"What a way to glow?" Lex Luthor observed as he began taking pictures of the helpless Supergirl.

"Excuse me, but I think it's time you had a nap,"

A female voice said from behind, causing Lex Luthor to turn and see a beautiful woman in a purple leotard and boots standing there.

"Who are you?" Lex Luthor asked.

"The Lilac Lotus, and your worst nightmare!" She answered, and kicked him in the head, knocking him unconscious.

"Thanks," Supergirl said a short time later after she had been freed from the kryptonite.

"You're welcome, Supergirl," Lilac Lotus said with a smile, "We superheroines have to stick together.

The End.


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