SuperBecca Versus MegaWoman - Part VII

by mighty_melinda

SuperGirl vs. MegaWoman

Powergirl and Wonder Woman had arrived to rescue SuperBecca but were themselves still recovering from prior battles. Could less than fully super heroines compete with MegaWoman?????



Becca looked past the weakened Wonder Woman towards the other side of the room where MegaWoman and Powergirl were battling. Powergirl was on the receiving end of the same punishment Becca herself had been receiving moments ago. Diana could see that Becca was watching the fight and though her back was to the two combatants, she knew that Powergirl was probably getting the thrashing of her life!

Powergirl's assignment was to keep MegaWoman busy while Wonder Woman - Diana - rescued SuperBecca. As the two heroines burst into the room, Powergirl immediately went on the offensive. Even though Powergirl's physique was as diminished versus normal as Wonder Woman's, she appeared to be matching MegaWoman blow for blow ... at least initially. The battle between the two super females was, for lack of a better word, awesome. Punches were traded at superhuman speed that packed enough raw power to level all but the most accomplished superheroines. Though MegaWoman managed to blast Powergirl over and over with her rock-hard fists, Powergirl managed to withstand the onslaught and land devastating punches of her own. Surely neither woman could take such punishment for long nor could they continue to expend energy at such a pace. Unfortunately, it was Powergirl who faltered first. Still weakened, as was Wonder Woman, from her previous battle against MegaWoman, Powergirl's stamina simply wasn't up to the demands placed upon it. The energy behind PG's punches began to fade as her reserves of superhuman power emptied. Powergirl was running out of steam and running headlong into deep trouble.

Powergirl Pt 2


MegaWoman could sense her opponent weakening. Powergirl had been a real challenge in their previous fight ..... only slightly less so than SuperBecca herself. But MegaWoman had emerged victorious. Now she knew that the Powergirl that had boldly challenged her was but a shadow of the Powergirl in that earlier battle. This Powergirl was no march for the sheer strength of MegaWoman! Now was the time to teach her a lesson!

MegaWoman turned up the intensity of the battle even as Kara felt her own powers falter. No longer could PG deflect her foe's flashing fists. Blows which had been parried or even stopped dead cold now sailed in freely to pummel Kara's depleted body. Kara's own punches continued to land on MegaWoman who no longer even tried to deflect them - they were simply too puny for MegaWoman to bother! Kara was defenseless! As PG tried to keep up some form of offense, MegaWoman's fists found tender breasts and abs that were too soft to resist the impact of super-powered fists. Eventually the pain of MegaWoman's attack was too great; forcing Powergirl to take a defensive posture - initially wrapping her still somewhat powerful arms around her upper body to protect her bruised and battered chest. Unfortunately that strategy left Kara's midsection open to attack. MegaWoman blasted Kara's belly until Powergirl could take no more. MegaWoman was just too much for her. She was running out of energy. She was tiring ... fast. The room spun around her as MegaWoman landed a crashing blow to the side of Kara's head. Powergirl's legs quivered, then buckled - too weak to continue to support their mistress' weight. Kara crashed to her knees, the pain of the impact upon her joints reflected in a grimace upon her face and an agonized groan from her mouth....a groan stopped only by yet another blast from MegaWoman's mighty fists that toppled Kara over backward.

MegaWoman looked down upon her nearly inert opponent and couldn't stifle a cruel laugh that struck as painfully upon Powergirl's pride as any of MegaWoman's blows had struck her outclassed body. MegaWoman reached down and roughly grabbed Kara by an aching breast, yanking the obviously defeated superheroine to her feet while causing yet another grimace and audible cry of pain. "My boob......," groaned Powergirl as she was jerked upright.

"Oh," said MegaWoman - hardly faking concern - "is your LITTLE boobie hurtin' Powergirl?" The emphasis on the word little stuck home as Kara was reminder of both her diminished power and, like Diana, her diminished physique. MegaWoman continued, "I can make you forget about that!"

Powergirl Part 3


With her free hand, MegaWoman slammed yet another powerful punch into Powergirl's mid-section, overwhealming PG's battered abs and re-arranging the helpless heroine's internal organs. The impact of the blow also put additional stress upon Powergirl's aching breast where MegaWoman's grip remained as firm as ever. MegaWoman's talon like fingernails dug into the once firm flesh and although they could not penetrate the indestructible fabric of PG's costume, the fabric molded itself to the nails just as it had previously molded itself to every detail of Powergirl's mighty muscles and in so doing became part of the claws that threatened to dig into Powergirl's no longer invulnerable body. The pain everwhere was just too intense for Kara - her face was painted with sheer agony. She had never experienced this depth of defeat!

MegaWoman shifted her grasp to the neck of Kara's yellow and white costume. Kara's weight stretched the fabric of her costume and her body sagged downward. MegaWoman raised her arm to its fullest extent, lifting Powergirl's limp body into the air. MegaWoman was so much taller than any of the other heroines that suspended from MW's powerful arm, Powergirl's toes dangled at least six inches off the ground. Again, MegaWoman laughed at the weak, ineffectual heroine before her. MW tightened her grip on Powergirl's costume while simultaneously slamming her other hand into PG's crotch. Kara screamed both from the pain of the rough contact but also in fear - she was all too aware of what could happen to defeated superheroines! But MegaWoman's only interest in Kara was to defeat her totally.

Surely even Powergirl can't take this forever....

Powergirl Defeated!


MegaWoman raised the inert body of Powergirl high into the air above her head so that PG was parallel to the floor, her legs dangling down uselessly from her hips and even more so at the knees... her head dangling from her neck so that Kara almost looked eye-to-eye at MegaWoman. Usually the most arrogant of all Earth's superheroines, Kara had to struggle to avoid letting MegaWoman see the fear in her eyes during the split second that the two woman made eye contact....she was Powergirl and even in defeat she somehow had to remain bold and defiant. Kara wasn't sure she succeeded but before she had time to evaluate the situation she was slammed to the floor by MegaWoman and then yanked back into the air above MW's head, this time face up staring at the ceiling. Kara knew that she had to break free of MW's grasp and resume the fight but she was just too exhausted.

With her energy reserves almost depleted, Powergirl was virtually helpless for perhaps the first time in her career. The only questions were .... had she given Diana enough time to rescue SuperBecca and could the Becca and Wonder Woman overcome MegaWoman and save them all? The fight was all but over for Powergirl!

MegaWoman laughed before dipping Kara ever so slightly and then thrusting her into the air. Powergirl rotated as she sailed through the room so that when she finally slammed into the wall of the "Temple of Conquests" she made a full frontal impact - upsidedown - into the cold metallic structure. At her normal power level, Powergirl's ultra hard physique would have literally made quite an impression as her fully invigorated body was harder than any known metal. But in her weakened condition, it was PG's body that yielded to the impact. Kara could feel first her breasts then, as her head hit the wall, her nose compress inward before darkness finally descended upon her. The exertion and now the impact of her head on the solid wall had just been too much. Powergirl slowly .... painfully .... slid the remaining inches down the wall until her head hit the floor. The weight of her body continued to press upon her once proud neck which could not support the mass above and bent. Powergirl's face slid along the smooth, cold floor as her body continued to slide downward until finally her shoulders and chest provided enough resistance to halt the movement. PG's weight pressed downward, compressing her once magnificient but now pain racked breasts. Her torso and legs were still against the wall but gravity was at work against them too and her legs slowly bent at the knees and more painfully at the hips until her white booted toes hung behind Powergirl just a few inches above the sweat matted blonde hair. Somehow the downward motion then stopped, leaving Kara bent, spent and defeated!


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