A little about me, Becca.....

I entered the world of Superheroines when I met a dear friend (Batman) the first person I ever chatted with ever, who introduced me to role-play with with batman and batgirl, the fantasy just amazed me, I loved it!! I loved the power, and the helplessness. We had so much fun. :)

Then I met another friend, who introduced me to Supergirl (Joniar). I guess you could say he taught me everything I know about Supergirl, and we also had TONS of fun and his stories are fantastic!

From then on, I have been hooked on the Superheroines.

I wanted to open a yahoo club, and share my fantasy with every one and now with over 1000 members in the club. Starting the website was a natural progression!!

(Plus it gives us more room !!) *grin*

I have met so many special people!! A warm thanks to all of you members in the club. I am looking forward to more stories, and manipulations over time :)

Supergirl.... Becca

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