Custom Video Questions & Answers

If you are interested in requesting a custom video from me.... please read the following for answers to the common questions!!!


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About Me and my Products

Who am I?

My name is Becca and I have been in the business for over eighteen years. I only film content that I am comfortable with and will honestly enjoy. As you can tell I love the fantasy of the superheroines and the damsels in distress. I have shot numerous custom videos with satisfied customers.

My picture is found throughout my website and on my video selection pages.

What Quality of Video Can You Expect?

All videos are filmed in high-definition with a Cannon xa20 video camera. My videos are the highest quality.

Who Is Available for Starring Roles?



SuperHeronie League of Heroines!!
Available for custom work!
Black Cardinal
Mary Becca
Black cardinal


What Is a Custom Video?

A custom video is a personalized video that you ask me to make for you. It involves either me fulfilling a fantasy for you or just specific scenarios that you would like to see on film. The difference between a custom video and a stock video is simple: in a custom video you DIRECT the action. If you purchase a stock video already available on my site, it is a matter of what you see is what you get. Therefore, the content may not be your preference. If this is the case, then I would definitely recommend that you request a custom video! That way you get what you want....not what someone else wanted!

Scripts, Props, Fees....etc.

What Scripts and Props Can Be Used?

Please send me a brief outline or description that includes the following:

  • What sort of setting you prefer-if important (living room, office, bedroom, dungeon)
  • Which Character you would like for me to be: Super-Becca, Black Cardinal, Halo, Defender, Black Scorpian, Bandit Queen, Robyn, BatBecca,
    Wonder Becca, Penelope Princess, Damsel Becca, Mary Becca, DOM Becca, boot worship, ...
  • Length of completed video: no more than 30 minutes
  • Requested scenario..... Send me the script of what you want to see done!
  • Here is a photo set of my props:

What Costumes Can Be Used?

I have a wonderful assortment of costumes, but you may be required to supply certain items. If I don't have what you require for the video, I may be able to locate it but you would be responsible for the expense of such items. (This expense would be incorporated into the final price for your video.) It is usually better in the long run if you were to supply the items necessary. If you require return of the items, you will be responsible for the shipping fees. Ask me for sizes desired.

What About Dialogue?

I do NOT memorize dialogue, so please don't ask. The reason you would include dialogue in the script that you send to me is so that I can understand what you want in the video. The more details you give me, the better the outcome of the video.

How Much Will This Cost?

Email me with the details and I will give you a quote! Contact me at

Topless videos start at $425.00 and for no longer than 15 minutes.

When you order a custom video, you are not buying the rights to that video. You are paying for the expense of having the video filmed and produced....make sure you keep that in mind. Also custom videos will be sold on my website. Any video that cannot be resold on my site(s) will double the cost of the video ordered!

Content, Time for Completion.... etc.

What Content is Allowed?

I generally take any custom request into consideration. But please keep in mind that the following are definite NO-NO's:

  • No total nudity or sexual content in any of my videos.

Topless videos (15 minutes maximum) start at $425.00.

If you have doubts or questions about your request, please ask!

How Long Will It Take to Film and Ship the Video?

I usually film the day after I receive confirmation and payment. Of couse, this depends upon the props and attire you require. If I need to order something or go out and shop for something, please allow additional time! I WILL NOT START PRODUCTION ON A VIDEO UNTIL I RECEIVE CONFIRMATION AND PAYMENT ON THE ORDER.

Once videos are filmed, you'll receive a download link for your video within two weeks. My customers always receive their video within two weeks after shooting with a download link. So you do not have to wait forever for your custom, normally just a week or two.

Where Do I Send My Script?

Go ahead and send me your script ideas so that I can quote you a price! You can send it to my email here: or you can send it to me snail mail to the following address:

Rebecca Edwards
169 Boone Square Street #206
Hillsborough, NC 27278

Please note I view all the BHFC mail here....

Once I review your script, I will contact you via E-mail or snail mail to let you know the price.

And remember, you'll be dealing directly with me. I don't have any partners to discuss things with.